Foods for sharpening mind

Mind is a very important organ of human being. Everyone wants a sharp mind. Here are some of the home remedies to sharpen the human mind.

Jattamashi is a useful herb that helps to sharpen human mind. It is used to make different medicines. Mind sharpens when a spoon of jattamashi is consumed by mixing in a glass of milk.

Cinnamon is also used while cooking different dishes. It is also very important to sharpen the mind. It should be consumed by mixing with honey. It also reduces stress and tension.

Turmeric is also used to make different dishes. It is especially used for color and taste. It is also one of the important herbs to sharpen the mind. The regular consumption of turmeric helps to sharpen the mind.

Tulshi is generally worshipped by Hindus. It is used for common cold. It is very useful for heart and mind.

It is used for the taste in the food. It is also used for the medicine of depression. It is also helpful in sharpening the human mind.

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