Giant Rhino Chases Motorcycles

The video shows a terrifying moment when a mad rhino is seen running after a vehicle. The incident is captured in a mobile camera and the incident took place in Hetauda. Here in the video we can see a very scary moment, a wild rhino was chasing people on rides.  The rhino was running so fast after them and it seems like he was very mad at them. It was out of his sense and seems like he wanted to attack them.

The people on ride also seemed to be very scared and they were also taking the video of the incident. It will definitely be a scary moment for those people. It must have been very tough time for the people who have been in that situation. These animals can’t discriminate between good and bad and right or wrong. They just do whatever they feel like. These are very deadly animals and whenever they feel mad they just lose their control and they are in terrific form.  Nothing in the world can control them and they will just do whatever they feel like doing. They are in their own kind and they are especially destructive.