Girl open gown in public

Prank videos are the videos that are secretly captured by the cameraman without letting the person know about the camera. Prank videos are done for providing entertainment. They are not meant to hurt anyone. Those prank videos provides us with big smiles and laughter on our faces.

Many people all around the world are involved in making prank videos. Indians are also involved in making prank videos. The Hungama Films is one of them. They are a popular prankster crew in YouTube channel.

This is a prank video named "Girl Opening Her Gown in Public". In this prank video, a lady prankster opens her gown in front of people. She goes in front of the people and she suddenly opens her gown in front of them. The person gets surprised with her act. Their reactions were lovely. They might have thought that she had undressed herself but she had worn a t-shirt in which there was written Please Save Animals.