Got offer for move after winning Miss Limbu title: Rekha Fago

Tareveer is a new Nepali film directed by Prem Subba. The producer of the movie is Deo Krishna Dewan. Nabin Karki, Rekha Fago and Bishnu Subba are the lead actor of the movie. Manju Shrestha, Ramesh Singh, Ranjit Rana, Dipesh Shrestha, Nirmal Thapa, Saroj Bhandari, Chadani Magar and others are the artists of the movie.

The cinematographer of the movie is Yubraj Rai. Janak Gurung is the action director of the movie. The assistant director of the movie is Shyam Radha. Prakash Gurung is the musician of the movie. Similarly, Reema Gurung and Bishnu Shubba have given their voice in this movies song. Likewise, Govinda Rai is the choreographer of the movie.

Rekha Fago had also won the title of Miss Limbu. After she became Miss Limbu, she got an offer in Nepali film industry. Tareveer is her debut movie in Nepali film industry. In an interview with DC Nepal, she told that the crewmembers of the movie has been receiving positive feedbacks from the viewers.