Govt not to register vehicles making loud noise

The government of Nepal has already banned horn in Kathmandu valley. This rule was discussed on 20th Chaitra, 2074 and was implemented from 1st Baishakh, 2074. The vehicles are not allowed to blow their vehicles horn in Kathmandu. The vehicles can only blow the horn on the turnings where other side of the road cannot be seen.

On 20th Chaitra, it was also discussed that those vehicles which make loud noise. The Department of Transportation told that they could not do anything against those vehicles with loud noise but now onwards they would not register new vehicles that make loud noise. The Department of Transportation will also not register new motorcycles that make excessive noise.

Those motorcycles that modify their bikes by removing silencer will be punished by the government of Nepal but those motorcycles which are factory made or not modified then they will not be punished. Rather those kinds of bike will not be registered from now .

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