Hakka Hakki

"Hakka Hakki" is a comedy serial presented by Highlights Nepal. Today we have the 85th episode of the Hakka Hakki. The serial is directed by the Daman Rupakheti. The writer of the program is Shiva Sharma.

We can see Prakash Neupane, Shiva Sharma, Janak Prasad Bartaula, Simran Paudel, Sujit Thapa, Parwan Rai, Dharanidhar Neupane, Maniraj Kafley , Rajan Chaulagai, R. K. Manandhar , Raj Kumar Kunwar , Santosh Sapkota , Sushant Giri. In today's episode they have presented about asad pandra.

This is the time of harvesting and here in the video we can see them fighting for the irrigating water. In other hand we can see David getting drunk with his friend. They are all drunk in Rai's shop. Rai gets so mad that the boys have betrayed him. He asked her to look after his shop while he is going to take care of David and the gang.


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