Hari Bansa plays a Newari girl

Here one the video we can see comedian duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansa Acharya. It is a Newari song and in this song we can see Hari Bansa playing a role of  newari girl. He is dressed in newari cultural dress haku patasi. Madan Krishna is also portraying a role of Newari boy and he is also spotted in their cultural dress. He is then teasing her and telling her that he keeps on looking at her but her father is always guarding her through the window of their house and he really doesn't like it.

  Maha jodi are the most celebrated comedian duo and are loved by everyone.
Two of them have been a legend of comedy and they are loved for their works. As always, they have again made an amazing pair and we can see the amazing performance of them. They have always tried new thing and the main motto is to entertain the people.

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