Harke Haldar

"Harke Haldar" is a weekly comedy TV serial. The program is broadcasted by the Kantipur Television. Sailendra Simkhada is the writer of the program and Bishnu Sapkota is playing the main role in the show. The show is totally comedy and the main motto of the program is to entertain the viewers. 

Simpu and Chairman are returning from the city. They have been out since a week and his daughter were looking for him everywhere. They had not told anyone that they are going out.

They were returning to the village after seven days, Simpu was mad at chairman while he was trying to console her. On the way they saw that Deuti and his daughter were coming towards him. He got really nervous and asked Simpu to hide somewhere, she was not ready in the beginning but he made her go away. He then talks to them like nothing happened.


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