Harke Haldar

In today's episode we can see the Chairman of Village in deep injury. He has been assaulted by some of the bad men from the village. His two daughters are taking care of him and looking after him. It was Laure who had beaten the Chairman of the village.   "Harke Haldar" is a weekly comedy TV serial.

The program is broadcasted by the Kantipur Television. Sailendra Simkhada is the writer of the program and Bishnu Sapkota is playing the main role in the show. The show is totally comedy and the main motto of the program is to entertain the viewers. 

His daughters are getting mad with him since he was talking about Simple with them. They really don't like her and he is always after her. In other hand,  Harke comes to see him. He tells him that it is good that he has been attacked; he hopes to see him that way.


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