Harke Haldar

"Harke Haldar" is a weekly comedy TV serial. The program is broadcasted by the Kantipur Television. Sailendra Simkhada is the writer of the program and Bishnu Sapkota is playing the main role in the show. The show is totally comedy and the main motto of the program is to entertain the viewers. Today's episode is centralized on upcoming election. Since the Government has announced that they are going to organize the civic election.


The topic has been very interesting n d many people are excited plus are in dilemma about the election. It is not for sure if they are really going to hold this. Here in the episode they have also used this topic and have satire political parties through their comedy.


The program starts with Mit Jyu, he is sitting on the floor and is working. Then the man looks back and he calls a girl, he calls her and asks her to stay near to him. She is his girlfriend and he had kept her in his home. He also has a daughter who is elder than his girlfriend.