Hats off to this traffic police

The roads of Kathmandu valley are not good after the road expansion and digging of roads for the pipelines of Melamchi Drinking Water Project.

Along with the dust, there are many holes on the road. Those holes cause many accidents and traffic jams. The concerned authorities are not concerned about the disadvantages of bad roads. They are doing their work sluggishly.

On Thursday, one of the traffic police was seen covering the holes of the road in Chapagaun, Lalitpur. Any other people or traffic police did not help him. It was not his duty to cover the road holes but he did it because of his humanity.

The name of the traffic police was Suman Rana Magar. He told that he covered the hole because the hole had caused much traffic jam, as the road was a busy road. He also told that the local people did not come to help him because they thought that it was the duty of road department.

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