Hit heroines from flop films

Film is the world and lastly, the believe that artist used to be popular only after giving block buster movies is being changed. There are lots of examples that though their movies are super flop in Rajatpat, the actresses of same movies have become very popular.

Actress Keki Adhikari's filmy rate is so high but she can even be said as the hit heroine of flop films. She has worked in many movies such as Masan, I Am Sorry, Maya Ko Barima and many more has been super flop.

There won't be any differences if we say these actresses are the lucky ones. Even if we talk about Priyanka Karki, hr most of the films are flop but still she is very popular in Nepali film industry. Most of the recent movies of Priyanka was even flop though she is the lovely one of all.

Nita Dhungana's movie too could not show any progress in box office or could not be hit but she is considered as the hit heroine. Nisha Adhikari too is counted in this sector. Her movies too are not so blockbuster but she is super hit in the industry of nepali movies.

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