Holi song by Tanka Budhathoki released

A holi song has been released by Tanka Budhathoki. The music of the song is composed by him and we can see Sabin Shrestha, Sobit Basnet and Tanka Budhathoki himself in the video of the song. One of the widely observed festivals of the country,


Fagu Poornima begins on the eighth day of the new moon and ends with burning of the 'Chir', which was installed earlier, on the full moon day later today. According to a Hindu myth, demon king Hiranyakashyapu who was unhappy with his son Prahlad for his wholehearted devotion to the God Bishnu ordered his sister Holika to kill Prahalad.


Following her brother's instruction Holika who had a boon from the god that fire would not harm her sat on a fire by taking Prahlad on her lap, but was burnt to death while Prahalad remained unhurt due to the blessing of God Bishnu.