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Aashish Ghimire, January 7, 2017: There are several online shows in Nepal and different channels are supporting to represent the shows. Among them Rising Rising Raftar TV is also one. This show always provides mankind videos and important interviews with different dynamic actors and other as well. Here today also they are taking an interview with a versatile, talented and dynamic actor he is no other than Mr.  Dilip Rayamajhi

He had acts on various films and his contribution in film industry of Nepal is unbelievable. His many more films are successfully realized in film field of Nepal. Firstly he is thankful for the whole team of this TV show for giving chance to speak some words in front of so many people. This time, he is totally busy on realizing his new film. His preparation for several programs is going on. So, he is now busy on all these short of timetables.


However his various films can easily find in market and till now he had acts on various films. His knowledge about politics is also checked in the interview. While interviewer asks him that, what is politics? He says that it is the trend of developing country and people as well. He also mentioned that in our country Nepal this trend is on opposite way. He is the hero of Nepal. 

Especially comedy movie is his background and his education career is also movie. It means that film industry is everything for him. No film no career. Believing that films are his life he is running in the same field. He has had love and popularity from same field. His family support is always with him so he will always keep on standing in the same industry.  


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