Interview with Mahanta Thakur

Leader of Rastriya Janata Patry (RJP) Mahanta Thakur has said that party will participate in the upcoming second phase of the local polls if the constitution is amended.

"We have never said that we will not take part in the elections. But, for that the constitution should be amended and a conducive environment should be formed for the polls," Thakur said in an interview.

He claimed that the constitution was forcefully enforced, adding that the constitution that can't solve the problem of the people is of no use.

"The constitution should solve current problems and show roads for the future. But, just appositive happened in case of this constitution," he said.

At first the issue of demarcation of the constitution should be sorted out at first, he added.

On a separate note, the leader claimed that the CPN-UML will suffer a massive loss in Madhes in the second phase of the local polls.


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