Interview with singer Himal Sagar

Himal Sagar is a popular Nepal singer who has extended his melodious voice to hundreds of Nepali song. The singer is better known for his song 'Mero Maya Marepachhi' among others.

In an interview with DC Nepal, the singer shared that he is going through a busy schedule nowadays.

"I am a sort of busy recording new song, working for music videos and stage programs in Nepal and abroad," he shared during the interview.

Remembering his hit song 'Na Maile Lekhe', the singer went down the memory lane and said," I had released the song on Ashoj 4, 2060 through Dhaulagiri Cassette Center and it was a super hit and loved by many people. I still remember the music album was sold more than 100,000 copies. The song gave me reorganization and established me as a singer."

When asked about what difference he finds while performing in Nepal and abroad, the singer said that people living in abroad are more enthusiastic when comes to musical program. Watch the full interview with the singer.