Interview with Suleman Shankar

Suleman Shankar is one of the popular actor and comedian of Nepal. He got popular from the comedy serial Meri Bassai. He was seen as IKU in the serial and was fired later from the comedy serial Meri Bassai. He made a movie named IKU, after he was fired from the comedy serial. The movie was a success among the people.

After the success of IKU, he made his next film IKU Back Again. The film was a flop one. He had to bear a huge loss from the movie. His wife Jaya KC also left him, after the movie became flop. He claimed that Jaya was having an affair with a person living in Qatar.

In an interview with DC Nepal, Suleman Shankar told that he did not know that Riya Shrestha would throw all her clothes and dance with him in Malaysia. He also told that he was very afraid when he played a role of IKU and also told that he was more naked than Rekha Thapa in IKU's getup.