Irregularity at DoTM

Department of Transport Management has been providing different types of services to the people. It has also been providing new driving license facilities to the people. But the people have been facing different kinds of problems due to the improper management system of the department.

There are always long queue for the submission of form for new driving license. The people who don’t have setting with the agents have to wait for more than a day to submit the form. But, the people with enough money do not have to wait in the queue. They directly enter to submit their form with the help of government officers and police.

In the video, we can see if we go through agents we don’t need to stay in queue. We also don’t need to pass written and practical examination for acquiring new driving license. A boy in the video has got new driving license of bike without passing practical examination by paying 25000 rupees. He was also taught by a traffic police in the written exam.

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