Jasita says she is not even directly in touch with Pradip

Here in the video we have an exclusive interview with actor Pradeep Khaadka and the controversy related with him along with actress Jassita Gurung. The two are again going to be seen together in Love Station which will be produced by Pradeep also. Since the release of his latest movie Rose, the news of actor is circulating.


Many rumors on his movie not doing well in the theatres, his tiff with Puja and Sudarshan and many other. They have now said that Jasita will be his leading lady, after much speculations this has been confirmed.


He also addressed his link up rumor with Jasita Gurung. He said that he has no such relation with her and he has never recommended her with anyone. The actress also says the same thing. She even said that she is not in touch with him directly.  Watch video to know the news in more details..a

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