Jire Khursani

Jire Khursani is a popular comedy show broadcasted by the Nepal Television. The show is back with new concept.  We can see Rajaram Poudyal, Sabita Gurun, Jitu Nepal, Debiram Parajuli, Sunita Gautam, Niraj Nepal, Dinesh Kafle, Subodh Gautam, Kamal Nepal, Shisir Rana , Mukunda Acharya in the show.

The title track of the serial is sung by Tanka Budhathhoki and Jitu Nepal. Niraj Nepal is the assistant director and Jitu Nepal is the director and writer of the show. Today's episode starts with Mundre. He is making his entrance in Chakka Panja Party. He also has wto epole by his side.

He is really happy as he goes home with his two people, his step mother scolds her. He tells her that he is a leader now and she should be happy about it. When he asks for food she says they have nothing to eat in their home. He then gives her some money.

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