Just retired 'Living Goddess' Matina Shakya starts school

Nepal's former living Goddes or Kumari, Matina Shakya has begun her school after she was retired from Kumari. Nearly after a decade for the first time retired Kumari Matina Shakya is going to school again in Kathmandu on October 9, 2017.

Matina Shakya was only three when she was taken away from her parents to be worshipped as a 'Living Goddesss'. But after puberty ended her nine year reign, Matina finally started her school.

Dressed in a green school uniform She is in school and she just looked like any other student as she walked into the Green Peace Co-ed School in Kathmandu. In school she is studying, playing along with other normal students.

While talking to her father and Principal of school Pema Yonjan it came to know that retired living goddess Matina is very fund of studying, despite of studying se likes to play guitar lot. Also it came to know that Matina is very gentle but moody sometime but enjoying her school life.

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