Kapil Sharma thanks Sunil Grover

Kapil Sharma is an Indian comedian and actor who rose to fame from standup comedy shows. The comedian is currently running 'The Kapil Sharma Show ' on Sony Television. Of late, the comedian has become every household name with his rising popularity.

But, following a spat with his fellow comedian Sunil Grover, Kapil Sharma has been dragged into controversies. He had manhandled his fellow comedian Grover on an Air India flight from Australia to India. Media reports had said that Kapil Sharma was intoxicated and thus showed such behavior. The spat between the two lead in Sunil Grover opting out of the famous show. With the exit of the famous character of the show, the Television Rating Point of the famous show dropped drastically. Indian media reported that the show couldn't make its place within top 10 following the exit of the popular character of the show.

Meanwhile, Indian media have reported that Kapil Sharma thanked Sunil Grover. In the video of the 100th episode of the show, Kapil thanked all the current and earlier teammates.

Watch the full video for more information.

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