Katha full movie starring Saugat Malla

Katha features Saugat Malla and Usa Rajak in lead role. This is the first movie of Saugat Malla as a solo actor and he will be portraying the role of a lover boy.  A Sikkimese filmmaker Prashant Rasaily’s feature film ‘Kathaa’ is in trending. ‘Kathaa’ is one of the films selected to be screened during the festival.

The selection of films was done by the expert committees. “Kathaa” is an epic tale of love and friendship set in the beautiful Himalayas of Sikkim. It is the first Sikkimese feature film filmed in Gnathang”- East Sikkim, one of the remotest villages of Sikkim.

The film is directed and written by Prashant Rasaily starring Saugaat Malla, Usha Rajak, and Timothy Rai. The film is produced by Raaz Gadaily. Prashant Rasaily is into filmmaking since 2001.

He is involved in cinematography, editing, background scoring, writing and directing in various projects. He had written, directed, co-produced and teamed up in many films so far.


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