Kathmandu roads to be dust free!

In the present scenario, Kathmandu Valley is being very polluted by the dust. Kathmandu Valley has become very dusty since road expansion. And due to digging of road for the pipelines of Melamchi Drinking Water Project, it has become more polluted. Due to dusts, air pollution has increased rapidly. The pollution has seriously affected the health of the people.

The roads of Kathmandu Valley are not walk able in almost every part. Due to unsystematic activities of the government, the people are facing many problems. It’s difficult to breathe due to pollution. It has also made difficulty in performing day-to-day activities.

The Ministry of Finance has given a sum of NPR 9 crore to Kathmandu Metropolitan City to buy a broomer machine which sweeps and collects dust of the road. The roads are dusty in sunny days and muddy in rainy days. The roads are washed by water at night to decrease pollution of Kathmandu. The roads are washed at night from 9 pm to 12 pm.

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