Katrina Kaif misbehaved by fans

A video of Katrina Kaif being heckled by fans after a live performance as part of the ongoing Dabanng Tour in the US and Canada has been shared online. Katrina can be seen leaving a venue when she is verbally abused by fans who came to catch a glimpse of the Bollywood actors that are taking part in the show.


The minute-long video shows Katrina walking towards her car, surrounded by security, when a woman screams at her for not taking selfies. The woman  mocks Katrina and says she thinks too much of herself to interact with fans who’ve waited so long to meet her.


Katrina stops in her tracks and turns around. “Ma’am, please calm down,” she says, as her security detail tries to cool the situation down. They form a barrier between Katrina and the woman, who appears to be accompanied by several others in her protest.