Khas Khus

"Khaskhus" is a Nepali comedy web series presented online by the Aama Agni Kumari Media channel of YouTube. The lead actor of the show is played by the well known Nepali comedians and the directors of this show Kedar Ghimire and Wilson Bikram Rai. We can also see Sandesh Lamichhane as Battare, Yaman Shrestha as Man Madsab, Sunita Gautam as Muiya, Aruna Karki as Taruni, Sita Devi Ghimire and Shambhu Maharjan.

The show started on 2 November 2015, and the new episode of the show is uploaded on every Thursday. And today we are presenting you a new episode 54 of the comedy serial Khaskhus. Today's episode starts with Shambhu Maharjan and the media person. Shambhu Maharjan is a great social worker of the village who works for the benefit of the village and village person.

Media person is asking a question to Shambhu about his social work or contribution he did. Yes, Shambhu had donated his land worth 2 million for the school premises. As an answer, Shambhu says there is more happiness to give rather than in taking. And also says, ‘Daan nai ho jeevan, punya ho’ which means donation is a life and is a part of pious.

While Shambhu was interviewing, some villagers are working in the field behind. And as interview of Shambhu finishes journalist takes review from the villagers about him and his contribution. Man Madsab’s wife was questioned how she feel to get such social worker in their village.

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