"Khaskhus" is a Nepali comedy serial presented by the Aama Agni Kumari Media. We can see Sandesh Lamichhane as Battare, Yaman Shrestha as Man Madsab, Sunita Gautam as Muiya, Aruna Karki as Taruni and Sita Devi Ghimire. Today's episode starts with Dimple and Sita Dii.

Dimple asks her to go and do the work and she goes to work as per her command. After a while Dimple again calls her son and asks her to do another work. She is very rude to them and doesn't like them much. She says that they are their maid and they have to do what she asks her.

After a while her husband comes there and she tells him that he has pampered them a lot. In a while both of them come to them and they start crying. When she ask what happened he said his uncle is coming from the Dubai.


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