"Khaskhus" is a Nepali comedy serial presented by the Aama Agni Kumari Media. We can see Sandesh Lamichhane as Battare, Yaman Shrestha as Man Madsab, Sunita Gautam as Muiya, Aruna Karki as Taruni and Sita Devi Ghimire. Today's episode starts with Manamadsab.

He is the candidate for the election this time and he is really excited about it. He is busy with his programs to get maximum vote so that he can win the election. Since, this is really a dirty game. Here in the video they have tried to show what exactly happens during the election.

It is  a game and the one who spends a lot of money is likely to win the race despite of deserving candidate. We can see them doing so many acts and distributing money to so many people to win the election. They are even dragging each other's leg to win the election, this is the reality.


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