Large tumor ravages grandmothers face and causes her skull grow

Here in the video we can see a grandmother whose face has been ravaged by a large tumor that has caused the front of her skull to shatter after it was mistaken for the common condition sinusitis.

Grandma of 16, Editha Dadores, 71, started getting pains in her nostrils four years ago and visited doctors near her home in Puerto Princesa, a remote island in the Philippines. The mother-of-six was given medication but after several more trips to the doctors her sinus symptoms flared up.

She underwent an operation in 2015 but, despite another course of tablets, the growth ballooned and caused the front of her skull to shatter. The grandmother-of-16 has now been diagnosed with an inverted papilloma which is also known as a nasal tumor. Doctors have recommended facial reconstruction but have warned the procedure would be risky. Now, the old woman is living in misery as she looks scary.


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