Life of Allegra Cole

Allegra Cole has enlarged her 54-inch her private part so much that she struggles to do up her own shoes - but she was actually raised as a strict Mormon.

The proud mum swapped a career as a suburban piano teacher for the glitz of glamour modeling, with her initial operations funded by strangers online. Allegra, 47, styles herself on what she calls the “extreme Jessica Rabbit look” and openly talks about her “greed” and her desire to go even bigger.

Allegra grew up in a traditional Mormon household in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was a musical prodigy, performing as a professionally trained pianist at a very young age. She settled into a tranquil life as a mother and piano teacher, but in her 30s she decided to pose for some modeling shots - and quickly got hooked. She now earns up to $100,000 a year posing for pictures, with her 34MM cups in high demand.