Loadshedding to resume in winter season!

Kulman Ghising is the managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA). He and his team announced Nepal as a load shedding free country. Nepalese people has praised is effort for the development of the country. The Nepalese people have been claiming that there will be no more load shedding in the country. However, here is a rumor that there will be load shedding in Nepal in the upcoming winter season.

The loadshedding would happen in the upcoming winter season because of some hindrance in the forecasted plans. NEA has forecasted the demand of electricity. 1742 megawatt electricity is the demand of Nepal whereas the supply of electricity is one thousand megawatt including the import of electricity from India. About 700 megawatt electricity will be insufficient. The demand of electricity is increasing by 200 megawatt yearly. However, the electricity is not generated with the increasing growth rate.

Kulman Ghising also stated that there is a probability of loadshedding in the upcoming winter season. He also stated that there will not be long hour power cut as before if NEA has to implement load shedding. He also stated that the problem of load shedding would occur due to some technical errors, contractual and financial subject.

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