Madan Krishna gets emotional remembering his late wife

Legendary comedian actor Madan Krishna Shrestha celebrated his 69th birthday. For See Network had organized a celebration here all the comedian actors were present at the event. In the video we can Hari Bamsha Aacharya talking about their journey so far and shared many thing .


Maaha Jodi duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya are one of the most loved and appreciated legendary actor. In the video Madan Krishna talked about his companion with Hari Bamsha Aacharya  and many more. The duo represents the pinnacle of comedy in Nepal.


The style of doing comedy of there is focused on creating awareness through laughter. Not only these Maha Jodi couple is involved in comedy but also they have been involved in creating social activities and political freedom movements.


 The duo have created lots of comedy teleserials and various patriotic movies which are among the greatest hits in Nepalese TV and movie industry. Watch video to know more