Man becomes millionaire overnight

What will you do if you become a millionaire overnight? A man has become a millionaire overnight from a wild boar. The incident happened in Ju country in the northern neighboring country China. The famer had killed a wild boar that brought a fortune for him.

When cutting the wild boar, the farmer discovered a strange thing from its stomach. The thing was like a stone and kept the things safely in his home. Then, one day the farmer travelled to Shanghai and found out the thing that looks like a stone is actually one of the precious things in the world.

According to Chinese experts, the things values around 400,000 pounds and when converted equals around Rs 60 million Nepali rupees. When the farmer finds out this, he could not believe that he has become a millionaire overnight.
According to experts, it is used in preparing different kinds of medicines and injections and thus is very costly.