Man living a life of a dog

These are Mr. Puppy. If you think that he is a person wearing a costume, just wait! Tell you that Tom lives like a dog in real life. These days, he can be seen crawling at the house of his ex-girlfriend. He sits on the ground like dogs and eats with a bowl and walk on four feet. 

Tom and his ex-girlfriend were interviewed recently by a TV show. Even there, Tom sat on the ground like a dog during the show. When he was asked why he is living as a dog for years, he told that he had adopted this trick earlier to save his life and avoid tension.

This happened because of the breakup

Tom's girlfriend Rachel initially found this habit to be fun, but they soon got annoyed with it. Tom also created a community named Human Puppy where many more people joined him who saw it as a stress buster. Rachel got the most disturbed and broken up.