Man tortures brother's wife and abuse her

Today's crime story is about a man named Harish. He had a joint family and used to live with his two younger half brother and step mother. They had a restaurant and there were some dispute regarding this works. One day he was returning from his work in the night and when he was returning his vehicle stopped at a point. There he gets off from his vehicle since it was a very late in the night and there were no people around. One person came towards him and he shot him right there.

He was then saved by a man who was going back to his home. He took him to the hospital and he was treated there. Since everything looked fine in his family but everything was not like what it looked. They had a tiff between themselves. His wife and children had left him and they lived in another house. He used to go there some time and none of them like him in that house.

He was not a nice person, he used to beat his wife and torture his kids. When they heard about his accident they were all very happy. He was a burden for them and it was good news for them. The program depicts the crime that had taken place and the main motto of the program is to make people aware about the payback of crime. People have tendency of thinking that they will do something secretly and they will not have to pay for it since no one knew about it or will ever know about it.


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