Man without arms crowned archery champion

Matt Saltzman is 32 years old and he doesn't have both arms. He was born without arms. He did not let himself down and moved towards his dream. He has become one of the world's best archers. He shoots arrows with his feet.

He has won gold medal in American Archery Championship Cup and silver in Open Cup Championship. He did not win the competition in a handicapped competition. He won the medal in an open competition where he defeated his competitors who were physically and mentally normal.

He had won bronze in London Para Olympic in 2012. On 2015, he made a world record of Furthest Accurate Distance Men's Archery. He hit the target from 283.47 meter or 930.04 feet in Texas, USA. This record is also registered in Guinness Book of World Record.

He did not have any job because he did not have both arms. On 2009, he saw archery on TV and decided that he would make his career in archery because at that period he knew to use revolver. He learnt archery on his own and within next three years, he took part in Para Archery and won silver.

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