Manoj Gajurel in Dhamala ko Hamala

Dhamala Ko Hamala is a weekly program presented by the Nepali Journalist Rishi Dhamala. The program is being broadcasted from Himalaya TV. It is the interview program in which several political leaders, celebrities (actor, actress, singer and so on), businessmen were invited in the set.

The presenter as well as Nepali Journalist Rishi Dhamala use to interact with the guest invited to set about their political opinions and personal life events and happenings. Rishi Dhamala is a popular Nepali Journalist and the founder and chairperson of the Reporter's Club Nepal.

Despite of it, Dhamala works for several other media outlets in Nepal. He works for at least four television stations running talk shows and current affairs programs. He even works in Himalaya TV and ahs been running a talk show "Dhama Ko Hamala".

Through Dhama Ko Hamala program, journalist Dhamal use to attack at the guest not physically but through his questions. He had faced lots of controversy conducting the program though he has been running the show continuously.

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