Mimicry of KP OLi and PM Prachanda

Here is an exclusive mimicry video of the chairman of CPN UML, K.P Sharma Oli and chairman of Pushpa Kamal Dahal(Prachanda). The two senior leaders from the major parties were seen together after a long in a jolly mood. We could see the two leaders who were ready to even beat each other a few times ago sharing the same stage.

Actually, they are not the real leaders however. The parodies of those leaders were done in the Timal Tourism Promoting Ceremony. The program was addressed by another leader from CPN UML, JHalanath Khanal, he was the real one.

In the program they have entertained the viewers by pranking about the leaders and the recent political condition of the country. They also used the term that is being very famous in past few days. They also talked about the incident inside the CA hall on January 22. To know in more details watch video…



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