Mother of Kudan Thapa Magar questions alleged suicide

A death of Nepali teenage schoolboy is still surrounded by mysteries. Kundan Thapa Magar, who was a student of Grade 8, had allegedly jumped to death from the third storey of the school after the school administration told him that it would call his parents to discuss his Facebook messages sent to a female classmate.

But, the family of the schoolboy has claimed that he was murdered. Magar’s parents said they were not satisfied with the explanations given by the school management regarding their son’s death and have demanded action against the guilty.

Following the incident, police had formed a five- member committee to investigate the death of a 14-year-old student in a school run by Nepal Police in Samakhushi.

A protest rally was held in front of Metropolitan Police Commissioner's Office, Ranipokharai on Sunday demanding a detailed investigation into the report. The protesters have alleged that Thapa was murdered and it was not a suicide. They have claimed that employees at the police school were also involved in erasing the proof of the 'murder'.