Nepal Army Performing Khukuri Dance

Armies from 28 countries take part in Shanti Prayas III Kathmandu - Army persons from 28 countries including those contributing to the United Nations peacekeeping mission have gathered at Panchkhal of Kavre to take part in a 15-day Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise- Shanti Prayas III- beginning on Monday.

The event to be held at the Birendra Peace Operation Training Centre, Panchkhal, is supported by the US Pacific Command and will run until April 3, the Centre shared information about this at a press meet organized at its headquarters on the eve of the event. The exercise aims to establish cooperation and unity among armies deputed in world's conflict ridden countries under the UN peacekeeping mission.

Field exercise will be conducted to strengthen the defending power of peace keepers during challenges and a table exercise for responsibilities to be carried out a higher-level. Participants will be trained on the skills required to successfully carryout out the UN peacekeeping mission mandates and task, the Centre said. Exercise on warfare skill and field, strategic and table exercises are the parts of the event.

The NA had begun the history of the implementation of Multinational Peacekeeping Exercise Shanti Prayas III by conducting the Shanti Prayas I in 2000 and since then this type of exercise is being organized in different countries in different names with the support of the US Pacific Command . This US-Nepal sponsored exercise will serve as US Pacific Command's annual capstone for the Global Peace Operations Initiative Programme.