Nepali Prank - ATM Toilet

There are various ways to entertain people and as we all know its very difficult thing to make laugh any people through your activities and speaking power. There is even a saying that it's easy to make cry to people but it's really very hard to make someone laugh.

There are lots of entertainment shows all around the nation. In Nepal too these days there are several shows as well as prank videos that entertains the people and makes them giggle. And here too, we are presenting you one prank video named as ATM Toilet.

We can see in the video pranksters are raising 5 rupees and 10 rupees with the customers that come out from ATM Boot withdrawing money. When the customers come out from the ATM Boot, pranksters ask RS. 5 with them for doing short toilet and Rs. 10 for long.

The customers even say they have gone to withdraw money not to do toilet and they have not done toilet in ATM boot though pranksters ask money with them. Some gives the money and some denies to give saying it’s an ATM Boot but not toilet. As well as some of the customers even get furious with pranksters for talking nonsense.

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