Nepali Prank Video - Banana Prank

Prank videos are secretly captured by the cameraman without letting the person know about it. It is also done by fooling or threatening the people without letting them know the true intention of the prankster.

The people may also be violent while shooting a prank video but the prankster should not be physical towards the people. Prank videos are done for providing entertainment only. They are not meant to hurt anyone. Those prank videos provides us with big smiles and laughter on our faces.

The main objective of a prank video is to capture reactions of the people. The people who prank other people are known as pranksters. Many people all around the world are involved in making prank videos. Nepalese, Indian and many other people are also involved in making prank videos. Today we have been providing you a prank video called 'Banana Pank' by Prasanna Rimal.

In the video, we can see prankster goes to the banana trader in the street and asks first about banana and it price. While he/ she was describing he takes a dozen of banana and moves from there without paying money and saying anything to merchant. Merchant keep shouting but he do not listen to them and keep moving.

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