Nepali song 'Chaar Bajeko Aalaram'

Folk Songs are locally composed and supported by local musical instruments having melody tone and lyrics which has humorous expressions and sentimental message. There are different folk songs sang at different occasions and places. The folk songs sang at fairs, markets, chautaris, etc. all have their own melody and importance. Our culture and country can be even richer if we can conserve, protect and advertise these heritages.

A popular folk number has been made public on YouTube. The song has been titled ' Chaar bajeko aalaram' and has been sung melodiously by Surya Khadka & Juna Shrees. The song has been penned down by Prakash Gautam & Tilakram Adhikari. Sagar Birahi is the musician as well arranger of the song. The music video of the song has been edited by Sudhan Basnet and is directed by Smriti Timilsina.

The music video revolves around the story of husband and wife who are happily married. One day, the husband had to leave her alone and go to abroad for foreign jobs. The song has portrayed the feeling of lovebirds being far from each other.

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