New song from the movie Aishwarya released

A new song of movie Aishwarya have been released. The title of the song is Timi Royeko Pal. The song is sung by Sugam Pokhrel and Anju Panta. The lyricist of the song is Arjun Pokhrel. He is also the music composer of the song. We can see Ramesh Upreti and Dipika Prasai in the video of the song. They have created a magical chemistry in the song.

The movie is slated to release on October 19. Ramesh Upreti  a lot of expectation with the movie. The song has been published through YouTube channel. The song is already getting a lot of appreciation and viewers in short time.

The song has been shot in a beautiful location and the song is also very catchy. Since the song is sung by Sugam, Pokhrel and Anju Panta, it is for sure going to be one of the best hits.  The song is getting good comments. 

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