North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is sick!

NORTH Korea has not tested a missile for 60 days sparking rumours that the country’s supreme dictator is unwell. Kim Jong-un’s recent public appearances have shown the leader’s weight has ballooned and he appeared to be uneasy on his feet. On a visit to a shoe factory Kim, branded “little rocket man” by President Donald Trump, appeared off balance and his face was covered in sweat.

He was forced to take a seat on a folding chair in another visit which saw him struggling again. The lack of weapons activity has been linked to his reported ill health as the once busy testing grounds fall silent with rumours building. It has been claimed he is suffering from gout, diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, with potentially fatal results.

The lavish lifestyle of a dictator has been blamed for his ill health with Kim gorging himself on luxurious food while his people starve. He is known to have an appetite for expensive cheese, beer and fish which are specially imported into the prison state for him.