Osama bin Laden attacked USA over personal enmity!

Sixteen years have passed since Osama bin Laden-led al-Qaeda attacked the United States of America that saw death of 2,997 people. The terrorist group had hijacked airplanes and made them collide to World Trade Center and Pentagon. It was a deadliest terrorist attack on the United States of America.

A new documentary that investigates the September 11 attack has been made public. The documentary has spilled the beans on why the al-Qaeda leader attacked the USA.

According to the documentary, Laden was very sad being separated from his family and had held the USA responsible for the separation. The documentary has claimed that Laden thus made plan to attack the USA. It has been claimed that the deadly attack was outcome of personal enmity.

Laden was living a peaceful live with his family in Sudan and the United States of America piled pressure on the Sudanese government that saw him exiled from the country. He then reached Afghanistan with his family and faced war with the then Soviet Union for about a decade. Watch the video for full information.

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