Paedophiles are publicly shot then hanged

The cases of rape are increasing in vast numbers these days. It looks like it is a fashion and the number is increasing despite of so many protests. Here in the video we can see the rapist being punished for raping a 10year old boy.  Three paedophiles were publicly shot then hanged from a crane in Yemen as punishment for raping and killing a ten-year-old boy.  


The disturbing pictures show the rapists in blue overalls paraded in front of crowds in the centre of Sana'a, the country's largest city. Their corpses were then winched high into the air by a crane where they were left hanging as a grim warning to other potential offenders while onlookers took pictures on mobile phones.


Yemen, south of Saudi Arabia, is one of the world's top executors with capital punishment for violent crimes including murder, rape, and terrorism. This is also an example for those who even think of repeating the crime. Watch video to know more…