Paul, Barsha and Najir talk about movie

The teams of Bir Bikram 2 are busy with the promotional activity of the movie. The movie is slated to release from Jestha 3. The movie is going to clash with jatrai jatra. Both are the sequel. In the video we can see the actors talking about the movie, fun time they had together and many more interesting things.


 The trailer we can see the friendship of Paul and Najir. Actress Barsha comes in their friendship and both of them like the same girl, how the friendship goes after that and what happened at the end.


 It is very interesting and we can see what happens in the trailer. After the success of Bir Bikram, director Milan Chams is all set to bring the sequel to his super hit movie. We can see Paul Shah, Barsha Siwakoti and Najir Hussain as the lead actor of the movie. Watch  video to know the news in more details..