Permit stopped for domestic workers returning after leave

The government of Nepal has prohibited Nepali female workers to go gulf countries in household works because there were many incidents where those female labors were sexually and psychologically exploited.

The officers of Tribhuwan International Airport (TIA) did not allowed female foreign workers to return back to gulf countries.

Even though they had official documents, they were stopped at the airport. Thos e foreign women worker who came to Nepal in their holidays are also not allowed to go back to gulf countries.

The government of Nepal has stopped labor permit to the women of Nepal going to gulf countries for household works. The government has also stopped visa permit for the women going to gulf countries in household works.

The social unions have told that stopping women from going to gulf countries for household works is not an appropriate solution of the problem. Thus, Nepali female worker will go from India, which will create more problem s. even after the prohibition, Nepali female workers has reached gulf countries through India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Africa.

In golf countries, there are nearly 2.5 lakh Nepali female household workers.

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