Pole cause accident in Kathmandu, all safe

Most of the electricity poles of Kathmandu are weak. We do not care about the situation of those poles which is directly proportional to our safety. Those weak poles should be repaired on time to prevent from human casualties.

On Friday, an electricity pole broke and hit a school van. Nearly, a dozen of students lost their lives in this incident. The incidents that have been happening due to old and weak electricity poles have clearly proved the carelessness of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

The place seen in the video is a place near to Baluwatar. On Friday, a van carrying students from Samakhushi was hit by an electricity pole. Fortunately, there were no casualties of students and drivers. The local people are terrified after the incident took place. No one had thought that the pole would cause accidents.

The incident has made it clear that the electricity poles of Kathmandu are extremely insecure. The local people have told that the pole was made of cement only and no rods were used.

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